WotSPOT, our magic carpet spotter!

At Rapid Dry, we’ve created our own spot cleaning product for customers to use in their homes!

The problem with other products: Many supermarket products contain oxidisers and other chemicals that have a tendancy to remove colour from carpet, resulting in white circles – other home made potions can leave sticky residue behind that attracts dirt and eventually results in big black circles.

The benefits of wotSPOT:
wotSPOT will not remove colour from the carpet, nor will it leave a sticky residue that attracts dirt – in fact it can be left to dry on the carpet and is vacuumed out next time to vacuum the carpet!

wotSPOT is designed for use on all types of carpet, and it really is as as easy as spraying it on and gently dabbing off with a towel or rag. We suggest using it for all types of food spills, such as sauces, wine, juice, milk etc (as soon as they happen if possible), and even other marks like oil, grease and general scuff marks. For tough dye stains such as softdrinks, hair dye, old red wine stains, old orange juice stains and other permanent stains, we recommend calling a professional for treatment.

wotSPOT is available for $12 plus freight per 500ml trigger sprayer, or for $6.00 when you have your carpets cleaned. Just call or email us if you’d like to order some of this great product.

Here’s a video on how to use wotSPOT:

If you’re on dialup, or can’t see the video for any reason, just follow the instructions on the label, or call or email us if you have any questions.