Working with Property Managers

We go above and beyond the “norm” to achieve the best results for our property managers. Some carpets simply require more work than others to reach acceptable results. When we tell you we’ve done our best, you can assume we’ve used every ‘weapon in the arsenal’ that we could to get the best result. Our cleaning process is explained on the website here.

Property Managers are a significant part of our work. We LOVE the referrals and working relationships we have with our property managers. To not perform just isn’t an option for us. We’re well aware that you require “no nonsense” service people in your business, that do it once, and do it right. We hate hassles as much as you do, and we want to provide a service that allows you to enjoy a hassle free relationship between you and your own clients.

Rapid Dry also take good care when we’re working on your clients property. We take steps to ensure that both interior and exterior corners aren’t damaged from dragging hoses around them. Because we use van mounted equipment, there’s no bulky machines on wheels banging around inside the building either.

Working directly for you:

We make your requirements a priority. If it needs doing within a certain time frame, we’ll make sure it’s done.
You will receive our best possible pricing, and if required you’ll receive the invoice on the same day, so you can process bond returns immediately.
We Guarantee our work. If you’re not satisfied we’ve done the best possible job, you won’t pay a cent.
We’ll value your input. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our service to you, we’ll use those suggestions to make our service and systems even better.
We’ll consult you first if any extra work such as stain removal needs to be carried out.
We supply our property managers with our professionally printed envelope sized flyers – ideal for vacating tenants or for tenants due for a property inspection.

When you recommend us to your tenants:

We’re aware that your recommendation comes with a responsibility (to you!). We’ll ensure that we’re working to YOUR standards and expectations. In other words, if you recommend us, you won’t end up with egg on your face…
We’ll record the exact nature of the job on the invoice. This means that upon sighting one of our invoices, you’ll know exactly which areas were cleaned and how.
We’ll stand behind our work 100%. If you have any issues with any work we’ve undertaken for a tenant of yours, we’ll address those issues, even if the tenant has moved on. Our responsibility is still to YOU.