Carpet Stain Treatment

Stain Treatment

Normally you could expect most marks and spots to come out or at least improve after normal cleaning. However, some marks are actually classed as stains – they have changed the colour of the carpet and need to be dealt with chemically to reduce or remove them.

DON’T mess around with stains!
Anything you do to a stain has the potential to either set the stain or to make it very difficult to remove. We strongly suggest using a very weak soultion of detergent (3 or 4 drops of dishwashing liquid in a 500ml trigger sprayer bottle of water) to spray the spill, and recover the solution by gently placing a towel over the top and pressing down to soak it back up. AVOID scrubbing/rubbing or overwetting a spill. Scrubbing will damage the carpet, fuzzing it up and making the stain even more obvious. Over wetting a spill will cause a browning effect when the colour in the carpet backing ‘wicks’ up to the surface. We’d also suggest being very careful when using supermarket type ‘spray on’ cleaners. On a daily basis we see damage caused by overuse of these products – normally fading or colour loss.

What stains can be removed?

We treat a wide variety of carpet stains every day. We have regular success on stains such as Juice stains, Fanta stains, Coke stains, Raspberry stains, Coffee stains, Tea stains, Milk, Red wine stains, Rust stains, Flooding/browning stains, Blood stains, various food stains – and the list goes on.
Success is sometimes a matter of expectation being met – some stainwork we consider successful if we can remove the initial impact of the stain so it doesn’t instantly ‘grab attention’. Other stains will be able to be removed completely with no trace. The less a stain has been “played around with”, the more chance we have of complete removal.

Can the carpet be damaged during stain treatment?

Damage to the carpet during stain treatment is a distinct possibility. Normally any ‘damage’ will be in the form of colour loss. Some carpets are more succeptible to colour loss than others, We won’t proceed with any stain treatment until you tell us to, and after we’ve explained the risks.

How much does stain treatment cost?

Carpet stain removal charges can vary according to the time it takes to complete the work. Some stains that can be easily treated along side the normal cleaning process may be at a very minimal cost. At the other end of the scale, large or difficult stains can literally take hours and require repeat visits. We can advise you over the phone what to expect in terms of price, based on your description of the problem. We CAN’T guarantee that the stain treatment process will be successful. We CAN guarantee you that we’re well trained, experienced, and your best chance at successful treatment of the stain.
For animal stains, see our page for cat and dog pee stain issues


Dirt and stains in the carpet After Stain Removal