A Carpet Cleaner in Tauranga you can TRUST

At Rapid Dry we take the utmost care while working in your home. Corners and doorsteps are protected with corner guards and mats so our hoses don’t damage any soft surfaces. We use mainly van mounted machinery, so there’s no need for us to have a dirty and noisy portable machine bouncing around inside your home, damaging walls and doorways.

Any water and detergent¬†that is extracted from your carpet is stored in an onboard waste tank until we’re able to release it into the sewer system. We don’t use automatic pump out systems to pump the dirty water and detergent onto your garden and lawn, or worse – into the stormwater system. We guarantee our waste isn’t contributing to pollution of our beautiful Tauranga Harbour.

With the changes in carpet fibres and the constant wear and tear on modern carpets it is critical to get someone who understands carpet cleaning and takes pride and care in their work. We¬†sincerely guarantee you that if you’re not happy that we’ve done the best we can for your carpets, then we don’t expect to be paid.

If you’re in the Tauranga region, we really hope you’ll consider our services at some stage, whether it’s an emergency or a periodic clean you need. If however you’re not in the Tauranga area, heres a link to a report we’ve created on how to choose a good carpet cleaner in your area:

See here for our tips on how to choose a carpet cleaner