Vacating Tenants

We specialise in looking after YOU!

We specialise in the rental carpet cleaning market. We clean carpets for a lot of property managers and landlords, and some of them are pretty dirty! (the carpets that is – not the property managers and landlords…).

Often our customers are VERY pleasantly surprised at the results we produce after a regular carpet cleaning. If you have any extra “issues” that you feel may affect your bond, then we can also advise you on stain removal or repair options. We’re experts in stain removal, trained, experienced and genuinely interested in getting the best results we can for you.

So why use our services?

Firstly, lets not beat around the bush. Price is an important issue. If you’re a vacating tenant you’ll be looking to spend as little as possible while ensuring you get a quality job done, and avoid having yout landlord or property manager dig into your bond to have the carpets recleaned. We have VERY competitive pricing for vacating tenants. We’re not the cheapest – if we were we couldn’t get the results we do – but we are far from the “higher end” prices that many companies charge.

Most of our work is for property managers, property investors and real estate agents. We get referrals from these people every day because we’re good at what we do. If we start producing the “half pie” rush jobs that are all to common in the carpet cleaning industry, we’ll lose those referrals pretty quickly. Our reputation is our business, and the only way to keep it that way is to keep producing the best work, every time, at the right price.

And… we guarantee our work: 

“We GUARANTEE we’ll deliver a far superior service than any other operator in town. If your bond is withheld because the carpets are found to be dirty, then we’ll refund your money, ” NO IFS, NO BUTS.

So if you’re moving out, give us a call – we can quote over the phone (we have a full time phone person who’s very happy to hear from you!).