Carpet Patches – when are they an option?

Often I see stains and fibre damage that just can’t be improved using stain treatment methods, for instance a pot plant circle which has rotted the fibre and backing, or a stain that has been treated using the usual “DIY” methods which distort the fibre and leave irreversible damage.

If things have got to a point where the carpet needs to be replaced, don’t be too hasty in calling the insurance company, or planning replacement of a whole room of carpet. If the area in question is in reasonable condition, the option of a bonded insert may well be one that will save you hundreds.

If the damage has occurred in a relatively unworn area, a suitable donor could be found by using carpet from a wardrobe, or maybe carpet leftovers from when the carpet was first installed. In these cases the repair can yield an invisible or near invisible solution, as in the pictures below (click to enlarge).



In areas that have been more exposed to UV light and traffic wear, it will be more difficult to match the carpet to the point where the repair is relatively hard to spot. If there are any mats in the home which have been similarly exposed, this could act as an ideal donor for the insert. At the end of the day, the decision would need to be made as to whether the solution has less visible impact than the original problem – sometimes it’s just about reducing that initial impact…