Carpet Cleaning for furnished homes

Furnished homes are a big part of our business. Many of our clients get us back regularly to clean their carpets, and it’s great to see them year after year!

Generally we move small items as we go, and sometimes larger furniture items such as couches if they’re reasonably light. Some items of furniture with either dark timber stain or steel buttons on the legs (such as antique furniture) have the potential to stain if placed back on damp carpet. Our advice to clients is to either leave the furniture off the carpet until dry (if that’s possible), or alternatively to place plastic under the feet of the furniture to avoid contact with the carpet (we can supply small plastic squares for this).

Usually we’ll give the client the option to vacuum before we arrive, or we can do it as part of our process. If pets are present in the home, a good thorough vacuum will be essential, and we have a powered brush vacuum that’s great at removing hair.

Safety is an issue for both us and the homeowner during cleaning. Our hoses can get quite hot, and if we’re performing stain treatment the area being treated could temporarily pose a danger to small hands, so we ask that children (and pets) be at a safe distance from the areas being cleaned until it’s all completed. There is also a risk of slipping on tiled or vinyl floors while the carpets are still damp.

When the work is completed, the carpet will be damp, but not soaking wet. If it needs to be walked on that should be fine, provided the feet/shoes are clean. Carpets usually dry more quickly with exposure to a combination of airflow and warmer temperature. In winter carpets will take a bit longer to dry, so any help you can give it (a heat pump is great for assisting drying) will be a bonus. During summer carpets can dry surprisingly quickly!