Avoid this if at all possible, it can kill your carpet!

This is such a common thing to do, but can damage your carpet beyond repair.

Foam rubber mattresses often come out in the holidays and at Christmas to house the extra family and friends, it’s just what we do. But if you’re letting people sleep on foam rubber mattresses long term (more than 2 weeks) you’re risking this:


We’ve seen this over and over, and it’s become apparent that this type of damage is caused by CONDENSATION underneath the foam rubber mattress when used for extended periods. The tell tale signs are the weird circular shapes of the missing tufts of fibre, quite a random pattern of damage. The fibre has actually disappeared and the only way to correct this is by removing the carpet! Here’s another case:


Slightly different looking but still with those strange ‘crop circles’. This appears to affect wool carpets only as we haven’t seen this happen on a synthetic to date, but something to watch out for, it’s not like you’d be aware of something like this. One of our regular customers had a family member staying an extended period on a foam rubber mattress in the lounge, on top of a very expensive wool rug, unfortunately both the rug and carpet were damaged badly – who could have known?