Commercial Carpet and Vinyl Maintenance

Commercial Carpets can often require a totally different style of cleaning to regular residential carpets. They are quite likely to be synthetic fibre (polypropylene) and more often than not they are glued to the floor, making it sometimes difficult to clean successfully using hot water extraction (due to the lack of movement of air through the carpet).

If you have a commercial carpet that just doesn’t look good after it’s been cleaned (patchy/still dirty/spots reappearing afterwards) then give us a call – we should be able to make your issues a thing of the past! We use both hot water extraction and Encapsulation (semi dry cleaning) methods on commercial carpets – sometimes one method works better than the other, sometimes we need to use both – whatever it needs, we can get the best out of your commercial carpets.

If you have issues such as:

  • Your current carpet cleaning contractor doesn’t seem to be hitting the mark
  • You’re experiencing returning spills and marks AFTER the carpet has been cleaned
  • You need a cleaned area to be dry in a very short time (an hour or less)
  • You’d like someone to manage your commercial carpeted areas on an ongoing basis

…then call us to book a consultation, we’re absolutely sure we can help!

For information on our process of maintaining VINYL FLOORING, click HERE