Vinyl Cleaning, Stripping, Polishing and Maintenance

Vinyl can be the most impressive looking floor covering, whether it’s a commercial showroom floor, factory floor or residential type vinyl, and is generally easy to keep clean, provided it has a good layer of polish applied to the surface.

However, once that polish layer starts to wear, the surface can become very scratched and dull, leading to a floor that not only looks bad, but attracts dirt like a magnet, making it almost impossible to clean.

Here’s a pic of a floor that had previously been polished, but not maintained. The polish was completely worn away in some areas, resulting in damage to the vinyl itself, requiring full restoration. The area (a commercial cafeteria) was attracting dirt and the problem snowballed very quickly, leading to what you see here (click on the pics for a close up view):

Needless to say. the cleaner was at her wits end trying to keep this scratched and porous surface clean between the hundreds of workers that used the cafeteria daily – she was fighting a losing battle for sure.

We completely stripped the existing dirty and damaged polish from the floor and re applied several coats to the area. This next pic was taken after that application:

Notice that the floor is quite reflective and glossy – contrary to popular belief, this glossy finish is NOT slippery and in fact provides a very effective NON SLIP SURFACE that looks fantastic. This finish was achieved by simply re applying the polish. A follow up clean in two weeks time with a high speed burnisher will make this floor REALLY shine…

So what did we achieve for the customer?

  1. The floor LOOKS great!
  2. The floor is EASY TO KEEP CLEAN – dirt will slide right off with a microfiber mop, the cleaner is ecstatic!
  3. The floor is SAFER, due to the non slip nature of the finish.
  4. The vinyl is now EASIER TO MAINTAIN – if the on site cleaner can regularly clean the surface as required, this surface will maintain it’s look with a little help from us every now and then. A burnish every month or so will keep that shine present for a very long time.

Why should you use us to maintain your vinyl?

We specialise in this work

General Cleaning companies aren’t usually experienced in vinyl floor management. Some of them do it anyway, but don’t fully understand the process. We know the process, specialise in it, and really enjoy and take pride in our work. If a client isn’t happy with the result, then we don’t charge – it’s as simple as that.

We’re up to date with the latest technology

Many ‘floor experts’ out there are well behind in terms of new processes and available products. We can offer clients advice on different grades of floor finish, including new nano technology products that are coming onto the market. Our system of stripping floors and machinery is quite different what you may have experienced in the past.

Environmentally safe products

Vinyl floors are traditionally stripped using caustic detergents that are so harsh they strip paint off skirting boards on contact. We use a different process which usually allows us to use mild, neutral detergents to strip the floors. This means no caustic waste, and no damage to surrounding paintwork during the process. This also reduces the chance of having alkalinity associated problems when laying the polish layers.

We use top quality products

This means that when we’re maintaining your floor on a regular basis, it stays looking good without the need for regular stripping and re application of polish. This keeps you costs down, and your image up! We can also advise clients on what the best products are to use for regular/daily cleaning of polished vinyl floors, to avoid any mismatched products that will damage the surface.

We can clean your carpets as well

Yes – we also specialise in commercial carpet cleaning!, so you can use as a one stop floor maintenance co if you have carpets as well. We use two different methods of carpet cleaning due to the fact that commercial carpets (particularly glued down polypropylene) can be tricky to maintain.

Here are a few more recent vinyl restoration pics: