We use a process called HOT WATER EXTRACTION (also known as Steam Cleaning due to the steam the hot water generates). This is the method recommended and preferred by carpet manufacturers as the most effective way to clean their products.

Our purpose built 4 tonne carpet cleaning rig packs a powerful punch. We’ve been told by competitors that we’re “using a sledgehammer to drive a nail”, but we see things from our customers’ perspective: the huge vacuum capability and the high extraction heat generated (up to 105 degrees), allow us to flush the carpets more than our competitors, without over wetting the carpet, and giving a very thorough DEEP CLEAN. Anyone who has seen us in action will know how effective the system is and results speak for themselves.

We use quality detergents that flush out easily during extraction, and avoid using detergents that tend to leave sticky residue behind. You can also rest assured that we will use the right type of detergent for your carpet. Many products out there are very high in alkalinity and can damage some carpets (particularly wool). For heavily soiled areas on delicate carpets we prefer to agitate the area with a machine, which adds a bit of POW factor to assist soil removal rather than using harsh detergents.

When the soil is extracted, or flushed from the carpet, it ends up in our waste tank which is later emptied into the sewer. Many operators automatically pump waste water from the carpet cleaning process into gutters or onto gardens during cleaning. We avoid this, especially in Tauranga where we know it will end up in the harbour as soon as it rains…

Carpet cleaning hoses can cause damage to corners during cleaning, so we use corner guards to protect our clients’ homes wherever possible.